Who am I?

Personal Details

(c) Robert Wallis, alle Rechte vorbehalten. Urheber: Christiane Kösler, Esslingen.
  • Name: Robert Wallis
  • Location: Germany/Canaries
  • Graduation: 2007
  • Professional education:
    Community College, Ibbenbüren (more)
  • Professional experience:
    Eight years of self-employment (more)
  • Phone: +49 1577 698 99 66
  • E-Mail: robert (at) wallis.li
  • Social Media: Medium.com

A Quick Introduction

I'm Robert, IT Consultant with special interest in IT Security. My professional strength is to provide full IT service from A to Z for small businesses and (start-up) entrepreneurs, because I have great expertise, deep technical understanding and passion and love in creating new structures and in reworking existing ones. I am also your professional Virtual Assistant for managing emails, make offers, satisfy customers, assist in traveling, write and blog, develop websites and manage social media channels. I am a generalist and keep an overview, but my insatiable appetite for technical things allows me to incorporate them quickly into new things.

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What I provide


IT Consultant

  • Help with all questions and problem solving, remotely and onsite
  • Manufacturer independent purchase advice and sourcing
  • Hardware installation and repair
  • Build induvidual desktop PCs
  • Install, configure, reinstall software
  • Set up all peripherals
  • Rock-solid and ultra fast lease return Dell desktops PCs
  • Windows 7/10 cleaning, limiting data trash of Windows
  • Manage privacy settings, optimize Windows-UX
  • Plan and administrate networks
  • Set up internet connection and e-mail accounts
  • Photo editing, batch processing
  • Mobile and telecom contract consulting

IT security for SoHo & SMB

  • Data recovery
  • Subnetting and VLAN
  • Perfectly install and configure your router and switches
  • Establish a MAC filter
  • Protection against malware and blackmail trojans
  • Set up your private VPN server

Web Development

  • Create your blog or website (Wordpress)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Create an awesome look on any device (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Find the best webhosting company
  • Too much? I can also just do all the work for you out of the box

Virtual Assistant

  • Sort, answer and filter your emails
  • Put together PDFs and presentations
  • Make offers to prospects and clients
  • Manage your schedule

Travel Agent

  • Travel and flight hacker
  • Plan your route
  • Find the best prices, even for your complex routes
  • Book flights and accomodations
  • Remember you of important tasks

Writer and Blogger

  • Write blog posts, news articles
  • Write on social and technical topics
  • Monetarize your blog/website

Social Media Management

  • Manage social media accounts (Instagr., facebook, Twitter)
  • Keep contact to your prospectives and clients
  • Let your facebook group become a lively place
  • Existing experience with Buffer

Manage your ebay sales

  • Handle sales and customer complaints
  • Prepare shipping
  • Reduce customer complaints
  • Experience on ebay for 19 years (since 1999)

Media Editor

  • Cut podcasts or videos and upload them to Youtube, iTunes, Soundcloud
  • Tagging and describing them perfectly

What I’m best at

Skills & Hobbies

Technical Skills

Microsoft/Nokia Lumia Smartphones (Windows 10 Mobile ex. Windows Phone)
AVM FRITZ!Box products (xDSL/Cable-Routers)
Telekom Speedport products (xDSL/Routers)
Microsoft Windows 3.11/NT/95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Microsoft Office 95/97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016
Linux (Puppy, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Mandriva, Linux Mint)
OpenOffice 4.1.x, LibreOffice 5.4.x, SoftMaker FreeOffice 2016
WordPress, Joomla, PHP-Tools
Browser and Mail (Firefox, Thunderbird, Opera, Chrome, Edge)
Anti Malware (ESET Smart Security, Desinfec’t, AdwCleaner)
Webhosting (Provider, decision making)
Rollout Projects
Copywriting, Blog/Travel Writing
Ticket Systems (HEAT ITSM, OTRS)

Social Skills

User Experience Representative for everything web'ish
Work ethic, thoroughness
Customer Support and Satisfactory
Determined, Drive
Manager/CEO consulting

Language Skills

very good
Beginner A1

Hobbies & Interests

Mobile users: Please use tablet or desktop to see this part.

  • Tech

  • (Trail-)Running

  • Mountain Bike

  • Hiking

  • Travel

  • Outdoor Fitness

My Professional Background

Past Projects

2010June - Now


Wallis ITK-Service

Please note

Since 2010, I am running a self-employed business. Between and also partly meanwhile the different projects, I also took care of my own clients in Esslingen (near Stuttgart). A project is coordinated by the project provider (or purchaser, agency). I was not able to affect the duration of projects. When the work finished successfully, the project also ended. However, I often was retained by the same agency several times. All projects were freelance/self-employed work, unless stated otherwise.

2016March - 2016December

IT Helpdesk Manager

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke, Witten

Job Description

Client: Deutsche Edelstahlwerke (Services) GmbH, Witten // Industry: Industrial production and processing of raw materials // Project duration: 9 months // Central IT helpdesk and single point of contact for over 2,000 users. Accepting 30-90 calls daily with all kinds of IT problems respective Windows Desktop, Microsoft Office 2010, Exchange 2010, production software, process control, SAP R16. Recording in a ticket system according to ITSM, prioritization, categorization and assignment of the tickets to the correct branch office, department and employees and tracking of the problem solving. Help with re-setting up network printers, setting up web meetings; distribution of problems to external service providers in the areas of web proxy, website (agency), DNS entries, e-mail gateway.


Rollout Technician

DZ BANK, Karlsruhe

Job Description

Client: DZ BANK, Karlsruhe // Industry: Banking sector // Project duration: 3 days // Dismantling of patches at a Siemens telephone system as well as in the floor distributors including checking and maintenance of the necessary patches, expansion of patch panels of the Siemens telephone system, uninstallation of telephone system, preparation for collection, removal of the CAP server and voice recording.

2015September - 2015December

Telecommunications Specialist

Thomas Hoof Gruppe, NRW

Job Description

Client: Thomas Hoof Gruppe, Nordrhein-Westfalen // Industries: Product development, food, forestry, agriculture and construction // Project duration: 4 months // Consultancy contract for the analysis of invoices, contract terms, possibilities for termination and cost optimization of the telecommunication infrastructure, thus internet connections (SDSL, fixed connections, VDSL, ADSL) and telephone connections, synonymous with the thought to switch from PMX and ISDN to VoIP. Obtaining offers, evaluate and elaborate overall solutions; discuss the possibilities with the company management. Partially also termination of contracts.


Rollout Technician

Wacker Chemie AG, Stuttgart

Job Description

Client: Wacker Chemie AG, Stuttgart // Industry: Chemicals // Project duration: 2 days // Relocation of a sales office within Stuttgart in a very sensitive environment. Dismantling the computer workstations and handing over to the forwarding company, supplying the associated cabling, transfer of the multifunction printers to Ricoh. Reconstruction of the relocated workstations according to customer requirements, construction of approx. 20 additional workstations with Wyse (thin client) terminals and monitors.


Rollout Technician

Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank eG

Job Description

Client: Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank eG // Industry: Banking sector // Project duration: 7 days // Testing and replacement of power cables in seven Apobank branches throughout Baden-Württemberg. Independent driving to the branches, checking the existing cables in conference rooms and the working places of the employees according to the IT service provider (cable description and production period) and, if necessary, replacing the cables. At the same time, the list of room numbers and user names had to be updated.


Lifecycle-Rollout Technician

ITERGO Informationstechnologie GmbH

Job Description

Client: ITERGO Informationstechnologie GmbH // Industry: IT service provider of an insurance group // Project duration: 1 day // Lifecycle-Rollout at ERGO Insurance in Stuttgart. Exchange of laptops, monitors and printers at the work places and offices of the users in one project day. Collection of the old equipment by the forwarding company.


IMAC/D Technician

Aesculap AG (B.Braun AG), Tuttlingen

Job Description

Client: Aesculap AG (B.Braun AG), Tuttlingen // Industry: Production of equipment and services for medicine // Project duration: 1 month // IMAC/D: Refurbishment and relocation of work places and leasing exchange of Lenovo PC clients and laptops (ThinkPad T440p) and EIZO and Samsung TFT monitors. Hardware test of old devices, disk wiping and storing.

2015March - 2015April

Central Build HW/SW Technician

Unilever Productions GmbH, Heilbronn

Job Description

Client: Unilever Productions GmbH, Heilbronn // Industry: Food production // Project duration: 1 month // Employee in the Central Build in a hardware refresh rollout with over 700 devices. Staging respectively installation of Dell-Desktops for various branches of the customer. Configuration of Microsoft Office 2007/2010, Bitlocker, and VPN-software. Software distribution with SCCM (only execution of scripts and in case of faults deleting the machine number from the SCCM). Verification of the installed programs, inventory, packing and palettizing.

2014November - 2015May

Telecommunications Specialist

Private Customer

Job Description

Client: Private Customer, Region Münster/Osnabrück and Warendorf // Industry: Private Customer // Reorganization of the telephone connection from POTS/ISDN/DSL 384 kBit/s (EWE TEL) to Internet via Satellite with Orbitcom (Astra Connect). Installation of the satellite dish, calibration, test of several VoIP providers and selection of the used codec in November/December 2014. In April/May 2015 registration of the telephone line as Annex J connection (resp. NGN or IP only) and recreation with DSL 2.300/584 kBit/s. Observation of the frequency spectrum and the connection stability resp. The synchronisation behaviour. Relocating the satellite compound to another customer near Warendorf, who is a dead duck getting DSL via TAL.


Rollout Technician

Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank eG

Job Description

Client: Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank eG, Branch Stuttgart // Industy: Banking sector // Project duration: 1 week // Employee as technician in a Rollout. Changing of workstations from Windows XP to Windows 7 by new installation, transfer of personal data by backup from Windows XP machines and re-backup on the newly installed machines.

2014September - 2014October

Back Office Engineer

Unilever Productions GmbH, Heilbronn

Job Description

Client: Unilever Productions GmbH, Heilbronn // Industry: Food production // Project duration: 1 month // Employee as Back Office Engineer an a hardware refresh rollout with migration of user data from old devices (laptops, desktops) with Windows XP/7 to new devices with Windows 7 Enterprise. Migration of the user data with Windows Easy Transfer and scripts. Configuration of Microsoft Bitlocker, VPN- and backup software and Microsoft Office 2007. Release of new devices to the users.

2014March - 2014May

IT Service Engineer

ico, Dell, Acer, HP, SinCorNet, simac

Job Description

Clients: ico, Dell, Acer, HP, SinCorNet, simac, Imtech, NCR // Industry: Several // IT Service Engineer for an IT service provider from Baden-Württemberg in order of well-known PC and server manufacturers, producers of EC-pay machines, a customer in the catering business and a clothing chain. Activities: Customer call for appointment, pick the replacement hardware at UPS Logistics, drive to the customer, replacement of defective parts or repairs, such as Motherboard or hard disk replacement, check network cabling, consultation with the disposition, returning the old hardware. Completion of the supply cooperation through me because of a lack of orders at the service provider.

2014January - 2014Febuary

Hardware Rollout Technician

Ministry of rural dev., Stuttgart

Job Description

Client: Ministry of rural development and consumer protection, Stuttgart // Industry: Regional government authority // Project duration: 1 month // Employee as a technician in a hardware rollout at two locations in Stuttgart. Preparation, disassembly and assembly of desktop PCs, laptops, and monitors at the workplace of the user, including migration to Windows 7, sorting and packing the equipment.

2013July - 2013October

Rollout Technician

R+V Versicherung AG, Wiesbaden

Job Description

Client: R+V Versicherung AG, Wiesbaden // Industry: Insurance company // Collaboration as technician in a rollout project for the field staff of the R+V insurance company in Stuttgart, Freiburg, Saarbrücken, Ravensburg, Augsburg. Acceptance of old notebooks and accessories, migration of user data with Windows Easy Transfer and scripts, hardware and software configuration of Microsoft Outlook and industry software, hand out of new units in offices, migration at the workplace of the end user, at some branches user help desk support for further questions.

2012September - 2012November

IT Service Technician

dm-drogerie markt GmbH..., Karlsruhe

Job Description

Client: dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG, Karlsruhe // Industry: Drugstore enterprise // Project work as an IT service technician for 15 drugstores throughout Baden-Württemberg. Activities: Independent start- up of markets, firmware updates and hardware changes for HP banner printers, photo printers and SB photo stations, installation of HP photo software and central order software. Work with detailed checklist and function tests.

2010March - 2010June

Employee in the IT Department

Makro-Medien-Dienst GmbH, Ostfildern

Job Description

Employer: Makro-Medien-Dienst GmbH, Ostfildern // Employee in the IT department. Activities: Support of IT management, user support for about 60 colleagues with User Help Desk (UHD) or on-site support. Software updates, minor hardware repairs, network and printer maintenance, Outlook support, and partly activities in other branches. Industry: Direct marketing and advertising.

My Education


2007September - 2010January


Hochschule Esslingen


Study of Information Technology, specialized 'Communication Technology', at the Hochschule Esslingen, University of Applied Sciences. Without final degree.

2004September - 2007January


Alfons Greiwing GmbH, Greven


Professional education as Information Technology Officer (IHK) at Alfons Greiwing GmbH and UBA EDV GmbH. Includes school graduation: Fachhochschulreife (university-level grade) from 'Kaufmännische Schulen Tecklenburger Land', Ibbenbüren, and IHK final examination.

2003September - 2004June


Various Companies


Basic course on the career choice before the start of training at two companies.

  • Print In Kreativ-Drucke, Ibbenbüren (Media Design)
  • Osnabrücker Sonntagszeitung, Osnabrück (Advertising Consultancy at a sunday paper)

Note: These are not degrees in the mentioned areas.


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  1. Christine Z., Esslingen


    Angenehm auffallend ist die hervorragende fachliche Kompetenz von Herrn Wallis in Kombination mit einem sehr angemessenen Preis-Leistungsverhältnis. Ebenso habe ich die Erfahrung gemacht, dass Herr Wallis sich sehr für die Kundenzufriedenheit engagiert und interessiert. Ich habe ihn mehrfach nach Abschluss des Auftrags anrufen können und immer wieder geduldig Auskunft erhalten.

  2. Dietmar Nanz, Esslingen


    Bei Herrn Wallis als IT-Experte finde ich mich als Privatkunde bestens aufgehoben. Probleme an IT-Einrichtungen werden von ihm prompt und freundlichst behoben. Sein Vor-Ort-Service ist beispielhaft.

  3. R. und G., Ostfildern


    Mit der Betreuung durch Herrn Wallis sind wir sehr zufrieden. Wir kauften bei ihm einen PC; auch bei kniffligen Problemen z. B. an unserer Telefonanlage forscht er nach den Ursachen und behebt diese zügig und zuverlässig. Vor allem erklärt er seine Arbeit so, dass die IT kein Buch mit sieben Siegeln für uns bleibt, sondern wir die technischen Abläufe gut nachvollziehen können. Wir freuen uns, einen kompetenten Ansprechpartner gefunden zu haben und werden gerne wieder auf ihn zurückgreifen.

  4. Andrea Haspel, Druck- & CopyCenter Esslingen


    Besonders für Unerfahrene ist ein neuer IT-Berater immer eine Vertrauenssache. Wird er mir mehr verkaufen als ich brauche? Ist er verfügbar, wenn ich ihn rufe? Bei Herrn Wallis bin ich sicher, dass er für jeden kleinen und mittleren Betrieb ein Gewinn ist. Bei mir nahm er nur kleine Änderungen am Netzwerk vor, installierte die Kunden-PCs neu und inzwischen ist unser DSL-Zugang durch einen Tarifwechsel schneller und günstiger geworden. Unsere Webseite wurde neu erstellt, so dass wir hervorragend gefunden werden. Auch in schwierigen Situationen war er sehr zügig verfügbar; eine enge Absprache ist mit ihm immer möglich. Vor allem berät er umfassend und denkt bei allen Optionen selbst mit.

  5. Hansjörg Durst, Esslingen


    Mein Einstieg in die Welt der EDV fing verhältnismäßig spät im Leben an. Entsprechend tat ich mich am Anfang [...] schwer [...]. So suchte ich jemanden, der mir die Materie plausibel erklären konnte und der vor allem zu mir nach Hause kam, um mir vor Ort zu helfen. Helfen wollten mir manche, aber zu nach Hause kommen wollte keiner. Da erhielt ich von einer Bekannten einen Tip. [...] So machte ich die Bekanntschaft von Herrn Robert Wallis. Er arbeitete mit der Bekannten bereits zusammen - zu ihrer vollen Zufriedenheit. Herr Wallis erklärte sich bereit, auch meinem Wunsch zu entsprechen, mir an meinem eigenen PC zu helfen. Auch seine finanziellen Bedingungen waren nicht überzogen. Ich kann sagen, besser hätte es nicht laufen können. Er hilft mir Probleme so zu lösen, dass ich es gut nachvollziehen kann. Ggf. gibt er mir seinen Rat auch schriftlich. Er unterstützt mich auch in der Beratung und beim Kauf neuer Geräte zu akzeptablen Preisen. Zusammengefasst kann ich sagen: Ich bin mit der Arbeit rundum zufrieden und kann ihn nur wärmstens weiterempfehlen.

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